Not a bad day after all

Today started as a bad day. One of those days when everyting goes wrong.

Reaching the office (one of them, I work half day on the client’s office and another half on my emplyer’s one), the computer refuses to work. Rebooting, uninstalling some extra software… and finally disabling the antivirus seemed to solve the problem.

Some minutes doing real work (almost) and then I see my boss showing up in my messenger. Ok, I have to change my schedule and go to another client’s office to see the problems they are having. The good news is that I have enough time to stop at my home for a lunch.

The schedule gets changed again. I receive a phone call from my boss telling me to go one hour earlier. I stopped at home anyway, ate some fish and ham with my girlfriend and went there. An hour later I’m out. Not a clue of what happened there, probably an error on the code.

I reach the office. Have a little talk with my project mate, and realize that the requirements we have been given are wrong. Well, nevermind. I have to speak with a new colleague about some other projects (he’s been sent from the USA to learn about the company products).

Really interesting meeting… I think my English is not so bad. At least I can speak after a long time without really trying.

I say goodye, and a smile comes to my face. Tomorrow is the last work day before hollidays!

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