Conflicts between CVSNT and Panda Antivirus

I’m having problems with Panda Titanium 2006 Antivirus + Antispyware and CVSNT Open Source.

According to the CVSNT Wiki, it has problems working with some antivirus (also noted here). Even when Panda is not listed on the wiki, it shows the same simpthoms. As the wiki says, disabling the antivirus is not enough, it must be uninstalled in order to get it working again.

I’ve done that for the moment… Anyone has a better idea?

Also, I’ve tried to notify both Panda and March-Hare, but I’ve found no way of doing that (March-Hare has a bugzilla, but the “Add ticket” link is missing, probably becouse I’m not a customer).

  1. bioye

    I’m having the same problem but I can uninstall Panda cause my system is quite susceptible to viruses. Have you found using cvsnt and panda since your posts?

  2. I’m afraid not. I have been working without Antivirus, but using a different firewall (and being cautious about what I bring into that computer).

    Related to this, I’m halfway moving from CVSNT to Subversion (in fact, to Buildix – ).

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