Random thoughts on small firms

I work for a small firm. A start-up based on Spain which has recently opened an office on Palo Alto, US.

I have noticed several things that can be improved:

Getting a market niche by lowering prices. Lower prices mean less resources assigned to the project, which means lower quality and more extra hours of work (I’m not listing the impossible deadlines as something affecting only small firms).

Excessive bureaucracy. I always thought that one of the advantages of enterprises of small size was its ability to quickly adapt, react and change.

Lack of resources. Some responsibilities are treated as less important, and assigned to people which already have other responsibilities. For example, we are a bunch of geeks… so there’s officially no support. Everyone is expected to be able to set up, manage and keep tidy their computer. There are some persons in each office which perform some degree of support to non tech-savvy employees (like administrators or salesmen).

Is it similar in other start-ups out there?

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