Waiting for my iMac

I’ve been holding to this old notebook for too long, until I was convinced that I needed something else. Something faster which would allow me to work more comfortable.

So I looked to apple. Half because of the good comments read around, and the other half because they are slick, and small… unlike most PCs.

But then someone pointed me to macrummors, and I started to get into what I now think that is the mac-fan world: guessing when, or what, will come in a couple on months.

I waited… and waited… But now, they’re out! Apple has released new iMacs with a display of up to 24 inches… wow, that’s big. But I don’t need that much, I picked up a 20″ Core2Duo iMac, with some customizations.

Yeah, I know this all happened almost a week ago… but I ordered from the Spanish Apple Store that very same day.

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