More issues and solutions on the new iMac

I’m close to get fully confortable with the new iMac.

So far, in addition to what I’ve already said, I’ve found out that:

  • Right clicking with the Mighty Mouse is harder than one would suppose. The Mighty Mouse detects if you have a finger over any button (even if you don’t press it). It it detects a finger over the left button, any button press will result in a left-click. So, for right-clicking you need to raise the finger over the left button. Same thing for the side buttons…
  • Skype 2.0 (with video) for the mac is in beta, and it crashed on the first test on my iMac Core2Duo, so I decided to stay with the 1.5 (voice only) version for now.
  • I know that one can talk with Windows Messenger users with iChat, but the process is quite cumbersome. I’m using Adium for chatting with my Messenger contacts. The official Messenger for Mac didn’t seem to offer anything I can’t get with Adium, and Adium is nicer-looking.

I’ve fixed an issue with iPhoto, where it won’t share the library with other applications (like Front Row or Comic Life) if you import phots with tags. In my case, I imported photos tagged with Google Picassa, so I had to erase the tags from every photo. I also had to delete the added keywords from the iPhoto preferences.

In addition to HP software for the scanner, I also needed a QuickTime plugin from Casio to be able to see the videos captured with my Casio Exilim Card.

Right now, I’m trying to find out why, from time to time, the iMac gets disconnected from my (non-mac) wireless network.

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