Firefox 2.0 is out

In case you didn’t notice, Firefox 2.0 has been released.

I’ve downloaded it in my work PC (a windows box), and my favourite features so far are:

  • Spell checking. You have to download the dictionaries after installing, but is recommended to you after installing.
  • The new delicious bookmarks extension (also recomended). It makes Mozilla behave (regarding to bookmarks) much like Flock, which I use at home on my iMac (I wonder when it will be updated… I see no plans on their home page).
  • Most of my installed add-ons are available, including sage and web developer.

But some things are not so sweet:

  • I’ve tried the CoolIris previews , another recommended add-on which displays the page pointed by any link you rest your mouse over. Apart from being quite anoying (the timeout is really short) it is dangerous. I’ve deleted one of the webapps in the development Tomcat instance by accidentally moving my mouse pointer over the “Remove” link of the Tomcat Administration application.
  • Security. Firefox 2.0 is secure… too secure. By default, several security protocols are disabled (the weaker ones, which only offer a false sensation of security). While this would be great in an ideal world, it makes impossible to access some existing sites.
    To enable the protocols, go to about:config and search for security.ssl. Enable the protocols you need.

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