Long absence and mysqldump

Long time without posting, you might be wondering why (assuming that someone actually reads this :-)).

Well, the truth is that I’m focusing on a personal project, which implies learning some technologies which are mostly alien to me. This project is integrating Java Server Faces (through MyFaces) with Spring, Hibernate with annotations, Google Maps, Acegi for security and some javascript library for dynamic HTML manipulation, brew it all with Maven2 and bon appetit!!. Pretty neat, uh?

Well, I think that the technologies are widely used (maybe JSF is the less trendy one, but I’m interested in Shale…).

And what about the result? What will it become? I only have a very blurry picture right now… but it will be something like a comunity-driven map. A “social map” if you want, with tagging and all that stuff.

Enough about that… after all it is only vaporware right now.

As you might have guessed from the title, I’m using MySQL as the database, and I’m playing for the first time in my live with thie mysqldump tool (I need to export my schema, as I work incrementally on it directly on the database).

If you don’t know this little utility (it is command line, and comes standard with MySQL), here is a quick reference:

Export a database schema without data:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -d -u your_user

Export a database schema including data:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -u your_user

Export a single table schema with data:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -u your_user –tables your_table

Export the schema (*.sql) and tab-separated text data (.txt) on a path:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -u your_user -T export_path

Export the schema with data and semicolon-separated text data:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -u your_user -T export_path –fields-terminated-by=”;”

And last, but not least, you can also export a database in Xml format:

mysqldump your_database –single-transaction -u your_user -X

And that’s all folks! See you later.

  1. el richard

    Osea que te pones a hacer un super mega proyecto para ser rico y ni me avisas. Pues yo tambien voy a desarrollar otro Spring+Hibernate+Ajax+Nosequexml proyecto para forrarme y seras el ultimo en enterarte. Jajajajjajajaj

  2. el richard

    Sorry to be so spanish. Haahhaha. Next time my comment will be in english for sure. See you soon.

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