Don’t chat while coding J2EE, Microsoft says

Well, that was just in figurated sense…

Te real fact is that MSN Messenger likes to use port 1098 (for UDP), which are also used by the default JBoss Naming service. According to some other people, that port can also be used by Outlook or even Firefox (although I use Firefox everyday and it never gave me any problems).

I should mention that this is no one’s fault, as the ports above 1024 are free for all, so the first who claims it, gets it. This does not happen for ports below 1024, as these are standarized or reserved (and usually only a process with administrator rights can listen on them).

So, if you see errors while starting JBoss or just can’t locate your EJBs… check if you need to shut down your messenger. Once JBoss is running, you can start Messenger again. In the cases I know, it didn’t try to get over port 1098 again, so you can safely redeploy/restart/whatever your JBoss.

Another option is to reconfigure your server (change the port for the Naming Service), but I didn’t need that. Check the JBoss Forums for information on doing that.

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