Appfuse 2.0, sweet!

Appfuse vanI must admit that I had never tried Appfuse 1.0 because of my laziness. It required me to download something, install it somewhere and then run ant on it… too many things just for giving it a test ride.

But the new 2.0 version is just a piece of cake. No installation needed. Just use your Maven tool and generate a template project from scratch. There are several templates available, depending on your particular taste.

Let me clarify that, even when I call them “templates”, what you get is a working webapp (you can even run it from the command line, without installing anything else). The webapp does not do much… but is actually good looking and provides a log-in form and user management features (two things you will likely need).

By now, only milestone 2 has been released. Milestone 3 will come later and, at last, 2.0… in “late” 2007.

I expect (time permitting) to dig a little deeper on it… And you should too.

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