A whole morning to get an IP address

Today had an encounter with the IT guy. It was not my company, and I had no previous (bad) experiences with the IT departments of the places I’ve worked so far.

Although the IT guy was helpful and not rude at all, it just stopped my work for a full morning, which is the time he needed for configuring my laptop to have Internet access on their network.

Incompetent? Not at all! Just that the IT department had some procedures to follow. One of them was scanning my laptop for viruses before even placing it near a network cable.

And that’s it. More than 3 hours to install and do a complete scan of the laptop, and then roughly 45 minutes to assign an IP and grant all the permissions I will need in the following months (I hope).

I’m divided. I don’t know if I should admire the IT department. It is, of course, reasonable to not allow any -potentially- infected computer to your network. But the downside of it is that I was barely able to work. If I had known, I could have left and work from office, then come back and pick up the laptop. Or something like that.

How’s IT on your place?

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