Candy for Appfuse released

I’ve just launched Candy for Appfuse, a set of eclipse plug ins allowing more comfortable use of Appfuse 2.0. If you still don’t know what Appfuse is, go take a look.

Current release is the first version (0.1.0) supports Appfuse 2 M4 and provides a wizard for creating new java projects based on the single-project archetypes. Maven2 integration is achieved through m2eclipse, so you can expect all your maven dependencies to be automatically (no more maven eclipse:eclipse) on the eclipse build path, along with all the other goodies provided by m2eclipse.

More information can be found in the project website. The project is hosted on SourceForge, so you can leave comments and questions in the forum, notify your problems or requests through the trackers and other facilities available there. Of course, comments on this blog will also be read.

For giving Candy for Appfuse a try, configure an update site pointing to


  1. Congratulations, Abel. Hope it gets to be useful in the community.

  2. Abel,

    What a curious co-incidence. As a recent newbie to appfuse, I was just about to embark on a journey to create eclipse plugins to create appfuse projects and some other standard stuff.

    I would be extremely interested in contributing to the project. One of my current ideas is to include a UI wizard that will auto-generate the Persistence, Services and Web App files for CRUD, so essentially all the files mentioned in AppFuse quickstart can be created from a one wizard interface.

    Please let me know what you think about this. I certainly dont want to go away and do things on a tangent when we could build on something that already exists and is good?


  3. Hello Sarat. You’re certainly welcome to contribute to Candy for AppFuse.

    I also have some plans for creating the model, dao and service objects through the UI. But as AppFuse 2.0 (final) will provide that through a maven plug-in, I would rather wait and wrap that (instead of coding the generation myself).

    Please check out current source code from the project site at sourceforge an let’s talk about the common ground needed (you can contact me at amuino [at]

  4. spent day

    i spent day trying this to work, no success. everthing is a lie published on this site. nothing worked. why do you publish unfinished work????????

  5. This project is clearly a work in progress and it is expected to fail (although it worked for me and some other people). What I would like from anyone testing it is a brief description of what should be fixed or could be improved.

    Of course a patch would be even better 😉 .

  1. 1 Raible Designs

    Candy for AppFuse

    Candy for AppFuse tries to easy the adoption and usage of AppFuse 2.0 by adding some eye candy in the form of Eclipse Plug-ins. If you want the power of an integrated set of excellent J2EE tools and frameworks managed from the comfort of your IDE, give

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