Candy for Appfuse 0.1.2

Although a preliminary 0.1.2 version has been on the update site for days now, I’ve made some last changes (organizing and cleaning up code) and announcing it today.

Some ideas floating around:

  • Better Warpath dependency handling, hopefully with source code linking.
  • Better error handling and reporting.
  • Go beyond the archetype parameters and allow some more selections during project creation.
  • UI for launching the web application (either through the jetty:run-war or integrating with WTP).

I still need some research to narrow down the scope of each task.
Also, Sarat Pediredla has shown interest in developing a wizard for creating all the classes/view files supporting CRUD. That would take you through the AppFuse tutorial in a few mouse clicks.

Finally, thanks to Matt for providing the link and to everyone coming and trying Candy for AppFuse. It’s on a really early stage and any feedback received (in this blog or in this SF tracker) would be very useful.

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