Small victories

I’ve read a while back the famous Getting Real from 37signals. And I certainly liked the way they approach software building as something made by humans.

For a example, take the essay “Seek and Celebrate Small Victories“.

Well, I found that interesting. And I had a glimpse of the real benefit a while back, when I was able to divide a project into small, less-than-a-day tasks. So every day, we could go home by having finished at least one thing. An small (and quick) victory.

My small victory for today was just finishing teaching the first day of a course in the scheduled time and without problems, after some hard weeks preparing the materials. I left the classroom quite happy of the result.

So, if you have the chance/power to do so… schedule small victories for your team as frequently as you can.

  1. Andres

    Yes,I agree with you.
    Hi Abel! How are you today?
    I´m fine,enjoying a good time ´cos every thing´s all right here.

    Small good things make a great thing. The ant knows a lot about that.

    Have a good time. Bye

  2. Hi Dad!
    Nice to see known people in the blog! 😀

  3. JB

    My small victory for today was arrive home after five days of party…

    Urrah for JB!!!

  4. Glad to know you’re still alive. Now that you’re at home and connected, why don’t you add me to your linked in contacts? ;).

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