Freshly baked Candy for AppFuse 0.3.0

Coming back from vacation, I realize that the maven-embedder bug has been resolved, and that Matt fixed the problem with the warpath maven plug-in in AppFuse (thanks a lot Matt!).

Last, but not least, I’ve just noticed that AppFuse 2.0-M5 is getting ready for a release.

And it is in this environment where I announce Candy for AppFuse 0.3.0 (use the update site).

Interesting improvements are:

  • Patched m2eclipse including patched maven-embedder. This will be good for you even if you don’t use Candy at all.
  • Download progress reporting when creating a project. This should avoid the “eclipse is frozen” feeling when creating the first AppFuse project.
  • Update available AppFuse versions and archetypes from the repositories. A new button is provided on the wizard for scanning Appfuse’s and Maven’s repositories.
  • For the technically inclined, now AppFuse projects in eclipse have the AppFuse nature. At present, it is only a marker that other plugins can look for (and then do some magic).

Future work includes…

  • Selecting the default database profile on project creation, and allow to update it later.
  • Wizards around the AppFuse maven plug-in which will be included in M5.
  • Shortcuts for the typical commands used (need to figure them out first, though).
  • Integrate with SpringIDE

I’m eagerly awaiting bug reports and feature requests.


  1. Dear sir:

    you had did great job!
    I am working on the spring + hibernate + struts for along time.
    It’s great to see the most convenience tool I have ever have, make everything more easily .

    I have one simple question: What’s different if un-check SNAPSHOT version or not?

    Have a nice day and take care!

  2. Thanks! There’s still a lot of things that can be improved and added, though.
    The SNAPSHOT box modifies the version of the created maven artifact. Basically, it marks the version as being a work-in-progress and enables some special behaviour on maven. Some information is available in the getting started guide for maven 2.

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