Candy for AppFuse 0.3.1, now runs (even on Windows)

After reading in the Candy for AppFuse forums (thanks to Stetze for reporting it) that there where problems getting Candy to work on windows platforms, I managed to get a windows box to do some testing.

It turned out that some UI related code was working in a different way on OS X and Windows. This caused an exception, making the project wizard unusable on windows.

Now 0.3.1 is in the update site. It should fixes this problem (it works for me, but I would appreciate any reports added to the issue) and also bumps the default version for AppFuse archetypes to the recently released M5 (but remember that you could update the list of available archetypes and versions since 0.3.0).

Windows users, come and have your share of Candy.


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