Mylyn in Eclipse Europa (3.3)

A couple of days ago, I installed the new version of Eclipse (3.3, named Europa). Like many others, I’m impressed by some of the new features (I think I’m in love with Command-3) and its incredible growth.

Maybe because of its huge size, Eclipse maintainers tried to break it down in smaller pieces. So small, in fact, that it starts to be a daunting task to know what to install from the update sites.

One of the things I liked about Europa is that Mylyn (formerly known as Mylar) is included in most of the bundles. That’s great because it will improve its use by the community.

As always, there’s a caveat with this. At some point, the mylyn crew decided to have two different update sites. One for the core and another for extras. Bugzilla and Trac support is included on the core, but JIRA is, for some reason, in the extras. And the extras are not included in the Europa update site.

I think its a shame, because lots of open source projects use JIRA as their bug tracking system (I’m thinking right now on those hosted at Codehaus, but I think that Apache also moved to JIRA a while back).

So if you’re looking for the JIRA issue tracker connector, look no further. Add the update site for mylyn extras to your Eclipse and you’re ready to go.

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