Candy for AppFuse only for Eclipse Europe?

Because I have upgraded my own eclipse to the 3.3 (Europa) version, I was planning on dropping eclipse 3.2 support.

This is not written in stone, but there are some good reasons for that:

  1. Eclipse Europa (in fact, Web Tools Project 2.0) made some interesting changes that will allow greater integration between maven webapps (not only AppFuse) and Eclipse. I’m excited about this and have already contributed a patch to the m2eclipse team (not really my own, based on previous work by Robert Elliot).
  2. Lack of resources: I don’t have the resources to maintain compatibility for two different versions. Again this is related to WTP… It is quite different to integrate WTP 1.5 (Eclipse 3.3) and WTP 2.0.
  3. Small community. I have no real numbers about how many Candy for AppFuse users exist out there, but according to Ohloh, I’m the only one 🙂 .
  4. At the current development speed, Candy for AppFuse will not be “feature complete” in the near future, so it makes sense to target Eclipse 3.3 for the 1.0 release.

This said, I want to hear your opinions (user or not).

  1. seanoc

    I’m just getting started with appfuse, and have only tried candy once (didn’t quite work), but I say it makes sense to focus on 3.3 and drop 3.2. That’s my $.02


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