The web is not just HTML

It’s been a while since Java Applets were introduced to the web. They didn’t catch a lot of interest for the mass-market. Neither did Flash for a long time… but now, things are changing incredibly fast.

Flex has been key to this, followed by similar solutions from Microsoft (with Silverlight) and Sun (with JavaFX).

The result is desktop-like user interfaces on top of web applications.

I know, this is nothing new. Has been happening a lot in the past year or so. But this is the first time I see something useful (don’t confuse with profitable with this) and impressing done with this techlogies.

Watch the video…

Yeah, you’re right. A suite of tools for graphic artists (well, there’s also a word processor for “writers and poets”)… right on the web. With 3D rendering and lots of bells and whistles.

Via TechCrunch.

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