On vacation

I’m going on vacation this week, which means no internet, no computers and lots of beach, camping, family, friends and fun.

When I come back, I’ll be trying to finish some open tasks… like reworking the patch in MNGECLIPSE-105 for WTP support in m2eclipse as it is less than perfect now due to an error I introduced when adapting it to work against latest SVN(shame on me).

Also, I have a little surprise hidden… it’s also Eclipse and Maven related… I expect to bring news in a couple of weeks.

As for Candy for AppFuse… no movement there. I’m trying to iron out support for debugging (through WTP) before moving forward. I could add that support to Candy, but I feel it would be far more useful to contribute it to all maven users.

See you in about 10 days 🙂 .

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