Q4Eclipse, another option for Maven2 and Eclipse integration

Q4Eclipse (q4e for short, or just Q) is a new set of plugins for Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) providing integration between Maven2 based projects and Eclipse.

It is a quite ambitious project backed by DevZuz with the objective of being accepted as an official Eclipse project, and I must say that I’m proud of having been invited as a committer to the project. Thanks folks for the confidence showed.

Q’s strongest point (apart from the maven expertise DevZuz brings in) is its flexible architecture based on small plug-ins, each one does one thing and does it well.

Currently, Q is a little rough on the edges but already usable. The community is still starting to grow, so your feedback will be received by eager developers 🙂 .

If you’re interested in living on the bleeding edge, take Q for a walk. The update site is: http://q4e.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/updatesite/ . Also, be sure to read the FAQ and join the user group.

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