Candy for AppFuse will be under extreme refactoring

This is the last piece of news that I wanted to share with you since long, long ago.

It has been a long time since I released a version of Candy for AppFuse. There are several reasons for that, the most important of them being my lack of time. Another reason is that I wanted to contribute all that I could to the core maven support in eclipse, something that has not progressed as fast as I wanted.

As you might already know if you’re a reader of this blog, a new solution for maven2 support in Eclipse (called q4e) is on the works with releases coming to light every few weeks.

Being a committer in q4e means that I can more easily push Candy features in the core of maven support. To name a few:

  • Configure a maven project after creating it or importing it into Eclipse.
  • Configure arbitrary repositories.
  • Discover available archetypes.
  • Integrate maven projects with existing eclipse plugins.

Most of this is already present on Q or being actively worked on by the team. The project is being pushed forward by DevZuz, which brings (to me at least) some extra confidence, since there is people that can dedicate their work hours to the project (and not just the little spare time I’m bringing). And there is very talented people there, who also play an important role in the maven community, so bugs are squashed no matter where they come from 🙂 .

So, what does this mean for Candy?

It will be separated in pieces and built again. Core functionality would be in q4e, with extension points that will allow to properly support AppFuse.

Since q4e targets Eclipse 3.3 and Java 5, this means Candy will be Eclipse 3.3 only, with Java 5 or greater. There will be WTP 2.0 integration as soon as possible (but I will decline any invitation to set a deadline… this is my free time 😉 ). Probably DTP and SpringIDE will be next.

I’ll maintain the existing version of Candy as long as possible, so if you find bugs, let me know. Improvements will have to wait until Candy is working on top of q4e.

Even when this is pretty much set, I would like to hear existing Candy users’ opinions. Leave me a comment.

  1. I think the problem of m2eclipse is just that they shoud release more often. The combination of the latest version on the dev update site with the new goal eclipse:m2eclipse in the 2.4 version of the official maven-eclipse-plugin which is the one used by AppFuse RC1 works pretty well for me, and most of all I can work with modular projects without installing the core module artifact each time I want to make its changes visible by the web module. On the other side, the first try at q4e didn’t impress me much.

  2. washington

    Hello, my names’s Washington, I’m from Brazil.

    I’m trying use candy for eclipse, but I’m obtain a error, because, missing appfuse-spring-2.0-m5.warpath.jar.

    I alredy updated maven repository, but, nothing happened.

    Do you now what I need to do ?


    Washington Dantas

  3. I’ve suspended Candy development until q4e is ready (I think we’re almost there). Currently, Candy for AppFuse does not allow using the latest AppFuse version, so I’m afraid you’re best option is to resort to command line usage.

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