Two weeks gone, two more to come

I’ve been absent from this blog for quite a long time, so I’m letting you know a bit of what’s been happening lately.

First, I have been working on q4e during most of my free time, which includes not only coding, but also helping the growing community on the mailing lists.

Add to that that I’ve been finally assigned a client and I’m halfway through the initial getting-to-know-the-stuff fase. Is an interesting client since I landed in the security area of the product they build (which is doubly interesting as my previous work was more on the “product user” side and now I’ll get to see both sides of it). The product itself is also interesting, as it is the process (is a much bigger company than what I was used to). I might speak a little about it in a later post.

Finally, I accepted to teach an introductory course to JEE, focused on getting new people joining the company up-to-speed. Most of the attendants come straight from university, but I also have some colleagues with C/C++ and even Cobol background, so it is being a really interesting and motivating experience.

So it is no wonder I haven’t written a line here lately 😀 .

Good news is that the JEE course is halfway done (only two more weeks are left) and I will get my evenings back for whatever I choose to do. Like writing in this blog, contributing to q4e and, once q4e is ready, updating Candy for AppFuse.

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