Eclipse Integration for Apache Maven (IAM) has been approved

Just in case someone has missed it from q4e’s home page, a new project proposal has been approved at the Eclipse Foundation to add Q4E as an official Eclipse project. This project is called IAM (Integration for Apache Maven) and will have q4e’s code contributed.

IAM has entered the Proposal phase. This is the time to clearly define the project and get the community involved.

What’s important at this point, is that everything is done in public and involving the community as a whole. This includes the Eclipse community, the maven community and the q4e community… but also everyone else.

Please use this opportunity to show your support, criticism, ideas and whatever you feel is needed saying for getting the project proposal in a good shape. The right place to do so is in the newsgroup (you’ll need to register to get a password first).

And don’t forget to talk about this to your family and friends!

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