New q4e pre-release, with a cool new dependency viewer

The developer’s update site contains a new pre-release of q4e, a maven integration plug-in.

This pre-release is intended for testing. It sports a new dependency visualization back-end (using Zest), some important changes in the layout of plug-ins and several minor enhancements.

For the curious, this is how the new dependency viewer looks like.

Screenshot of the maven dependency viewer included in the q4e eclipse plug-in.

The dependency viewer can be invoked from the context menu of any q4e-enabled project.

It displays (obviously) the artifacts on which the project depends, using color codes:

  • The green box is the project (archiva-common). It is displayed in the center of the graph.
  • Blue boxes are run-time dependencies.
  • Dark yellow (?) boxes represent test-scope dependencies (in this case, junit 3.8.1).
  • The yellow box marks the selected dependency. We could add a context menu for manipulating it in the future (like removing a dependency).

Arrows betwen boxes show the dependencies, including the version. The thicker lines represent direct dependencies, while the thinner ones represent transitive dependencies for the project.

There are lots of thing to be improved in the viewer… but I’ll let the task of enumerating them as an exercise for the reader 😉 .

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