New q4e release, 0.3.0 is on the update site

Q for Eclipse (the Eclipse plug-in for maven integration that you’ve probably already read about in this blog 🙂 ) has gone through another public release. This one is called 0.3.0.

The announcement, containing the list of improvements and bug fixes is on the users mailing list, but I’m quite happy with the result (and our user’s feedback seems to agree). Carlos and Erle did an impressive work, so if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a spin. The update site is

With 0.3.0 out, what’s next?

The current plan (by the way, we keep it in the issue tracker… look for issues targeted to 0.4.0) is to support some use cases that will expand the reach of q4e. I will introduce just two of them:

  • A more flexible way of locating available archetypes. An extension point will allow many alternative implementations to exist. For example, some people asked if it was possible to get the available archetypes from the local repository.
  • Support for 3rd party eclipse plug-ins. An extension point will allow customizing your projects with additional support for other eclipse plug-ins based on maven’s pom file. We had requests for supporting Scala… and there is always the much desired wtp support. This feature will allow both to be developed.

This is the future… however, there is already a pre-release 0.4.0 version which includes some internal enhancements for boosting up performance. We are very interested in user stories, so if you want to help, it is available from the developer’s update site: (you’ll need 0.3.0 installed before getting 0.4.0 from this update site).

I must also mention that there is a project proposal at the Eclipse foundation for adding maven support to eclipse. This proposal is to be based on q4e, so if you want to show your support and help in ironing out the project proposal, leave your input on in the newsgroup (you’ll need to register to get a password first).

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