Great news from q4e community

I’ve been wanting to blog about the involvement of the q4e community with the project for some time, but (as usual) other things in live got in the way (you know, it’s almost Christmas… lots of shopping to do, and dinners to attend).

Let’s get it out: The q4e community feedback has been great so far and is only getting better.

Looking back, q4e has only been alive for a few months and we already have patches from the community being applied to the codebase. The number of users on the lists keeps growing and the new requirements are  starting to raise from purely developer-centric to more enterprisy ones (like being able to use a global settings file via http or being able to define a custom list or archetypes for in-house development).

I think that this is all good news… specially because all these things don’t come from the committers, but from the users.

I want to thank all the q4e community. This is my first serious involvement in an open source project and you’re making it an awesome experience!

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