q4e 0.4.0, faster than ever

After some delay (you can blame it on Christmas… we committers need to have some fun far away from the computer), there is a new version of q4e waiting for you.

This version is 0.4.0 and has some interesting new features. Probably the best one is that it is much faster.

On the fancier side of things, the dependency viewer has been cleaned a bit and now more cleanly draws the dependencies. Judge for yourself:

q4e dependency viewer

For 0.5.0, we have a new contributor, Jake Pezaro who is working on integrating his dependency analysis tool into q4e.

Also, we are introducing a new and noteworthy page for q4e, and you can follow the current status from the wiki (what’s pending, what’s done and previous releases’ changelog). You can use the list of pending tasks to take a look at what we’re trying to get into 0.5.0… but also to help us! We always welcome helping hands (remember that you can look for easy tasks to get started).

If you like living on the edge, the development update site already has a preview of the upcoming 0.5.0 version. Come and try it!

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