UML, the fast way with Violet

Today I discovered the Violet UML Editor.

Violet UML editor logo

Besides of having a nice looking page and user interface, it takes UML into a new level. The level of simplicity.

When using UML I just want to get my thoughts into an easy to read diagram which you can use in any kind of internal or external documents. That’s usually word or the web.

Violet allows me to forget about all those features in other editors that are related to layout, positioning, scaling, zooming… I’m not tempted to loose a second playing with fonts or trying to attach lines to the right connection points. It just works.

As a plus, it is free, it can be launched via Web Start and it is an Eclipse Plug-in. What else can you ask for?

Try it!

  1. Hi Abel,

    If you’re interested in UML tools that make it easy to draw diagrams I think you’ll like Trace Modeler, an easy-to-use and smart editor for UML sequence diagrams.

    Basically it takes care of all the layout issues for you, so you can focus on the actual content when you’re documenting an existing design or exploring a new one.

    Here’s a 30 sec demo of Trace Modeler in action if you’re in a hurry..

    I’m always happy to get feedback, so if you give it a try, let me know what you think of it!

    Best regards,

  2. I’ve downloaded and tested Trace Modeler for a few minutes. It is easy to use and feels snappy with some extra features not present in Violet. It looks like a very focused and polished product.

    However, I find it expensive for a tool that is limited to Sequence Diagrams… specially because I feel that UML is a commodity (so drawing it should be free). For example, UML drawing tools (with reverse engineering and source-code integration) are starting to be included in free IDEs.

    For my particular situation, I need a free tool that allows me to easily draw any kind of diagram I happen to need, so I’ll be sticking with Violet.

  3. Glad you like it. Trace Modeler’s target audience are people who need to draw sequence diagrams often, so when calculating the time they save the ROI is actually very good.

    I think for students and faculty staff the price is really nice (hey, that rhymes so it must be true ;o)

  4. Hi Abel,

    Thank you very much for this feedback about Violet. We’re still working on the next release. Cay has produced a “bug free” sequence diagram and I’ve just introduced a smaller tool bar to improve Eclipse integration. A major refinement will be the new XMI exporting and code generation for class diagrams (developed by Frederic Aoustin).

    Don’t hesitate to contribute to this project. For example, I need to introduced friendly docs on each diagram on the web site. The aim is to be a “learning” UML tool.

    Alex dP

    PS : I forgot to precise this : I’m the Violet’s project leader.

  5. Hi Alexandre. Although I would like to contribute to almost any project that crosses my way, truth is that Q for Eclipse is the only one I can seriously dedicate time to.

    However… if Maven somehow crosses in the way of Violet, I would be happy to help with the Eclipse support.

    Or, if you use maven to build Violet, maybe you would like to try q4e 🙂

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