Happy 1000th revision, q4e!

Today we committed the 1000th revision on q4e‘s subversion repository.

It is certainly only the beginning, but it looked like a good excuse for a blog post and some numbers.

Q for Eclipse has existed for 235 days now (the first commit dates back to June 18th). I’ve got my first patch committed on August 9th and then became a committer. My first commit was on August 24th, 168 days ago.

Put in numbers, it looks like it is very little time, but we have done so much in this period: 7 public releases are on the update site, the eight is not far away. One major contribution and four patches have been submitted and committed already, not counting the incredible help we receive from q4e users.

There are 101 subscriptions to the users’ group and 34 to the developers’. Strangely enough, 13 persons like to read the commit logs, even when only 6 of them are committers (by the way, if you’re not a committer but you’re helping q4e go ahead and add your name to the project).

Commit graph by Ohloh

Another thing the q4e community can be proud of is the high activity we have been able to maintain during the whole project’s life. We’ve kept very close to 100 commits per month (there are also a good number of commits in the past 15 days not yet counted by Ohloh), which is quite impressive when you compare with other open source projects.

For instance (and yes, I know this means nothing and only serves to increase my ego 🙂 ), Eclipse’s JDT had around 200 commits per month but had 5 times more committers.

Now, it is probably time to go back to bug slamming and squashing.

Happy r1000!

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