Escaping from the repository trap

A while back I talked about how maven dependency on artifacts published in the repository was an annoyance to IDE users. If you haven’t read it, it can be summarized as if you only edit the code and compile, your maven builds will pick up the wrong dependencies because it will build against your local repository versions, not against the compiled classes.

Well, q4e has moved one step forward to allow you to avoid typing mvn install before you work in a different module.
This is possible because q4e knows what’s on your workspace, so it can take a shortcut and resolve maven artifacts without looking at the repository. Here’s a screencast with a quick demonstration.
There’s more information on q4e’s wiki pages.

  1. Daniel Fernández Garrido

    Hmmm… I receive a “Not Found” error from the page when trying to see the screencast…

  2. We’ve run out of bandwidth at
    I’ve updated the link to point to the same video hosted by Joakim Erdfelt.

  3. Ooops, sorry. I’ve changed the link to a different screencast.
    It should be all right now:

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