Out of the box web development with q4e

Developing web applications with maven and q4e is really, really easy… try this:

  1. Update your q4e version from the development update site
  2. Create a New project
  3. Select the Maven 2 project creation wizard
  4. Give it a name… like webtest
  5. Select a web archetype… let’s say wicket-archetype-quickstart (the last in the wizard’s list)
  6. Finish and wait while the dependencies are downloaded
  7. Right click on the project, Run as… > Run on Server and select a Tomcat server.

Did it work? Sure it did… see it in action! (thank to Joakim Erdfelt for hosting it)

But, wait… this is the same process used for creating any q4e project, right?


Don’t you love when things are so simple?

And you can do hot deployment, edit your classes, save and see changes… edit resources… everything is updated in a few seconds.

This is bleeding edge, so we’re really interesting in receiving your feedback. Drop us a line on the q4e groups.

Support for WTP is only an example of what’s possible with q4e, a proof of concept of its extensibility. If you’re interested in developing support for your plug-in, let us know on the developers list. We can help!


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