IAM new to eclipse

This is meant to be my introduction to the Eclipse blogging community. It is something that I have delayed too much already, but (finally) I got around to writing it.

My name is Abel Muiño (but just write Muino if you have a non-spanish keyboard),  and I am the project lead for Eclipse IAM, which stands for Integration for Apache Maven.

Eclipse IAM is a technology project focused in integrating maven into the eclipse IDE. It comes with a year-long history as Q4E.

I’m thrilled by joining this community of exceptional developers, and looking forward to meet some of you at Eclipse Summit Europe in a few days (by the way, be sure to attend the “IAM New & Noteworthy” talk… I’ve heard the speaker is extremely handsome).

  1. Tom Schindl

    Great. Did you ever thought about taking part in the E4 effort. For Maven user it might make sense if you take part in the flexible resource discussions.

  2. I’ve been keeping some distance… having a full time job and then being on Eclipse project lead in my spare time makes me carefully choose what I get involved on.

    But you’re right in that the flexible resources discussion is an important one for maven users. I’ll take some time to get involved.

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