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Developers, classifed

I’ve come across this interesting classification of developer types, by Frank Kelly.

It is a funny read… just try to assign a label to your workmates… and think which label they’ll apply to you :-).


Changing the blog’s style

I got bored of that pen on the top of this blog… so I changed to something different. Hope you like it!

More seriously, there is a reason for this change… and it is that the new theme shows my name on every post. Hopefully that will make this blog show higher when searching for “Abel Muiño” in google. In the past, topmost results where pointing to another blog (written in Spanish) I share with some friends containing mostly fun stuff.

Let’s see if my name gets more closely related to eclipse, java and software engineering (and less with being the clown I am 🙂 ).

Advice on beginnings

This is another really good article by Kathy Sierra. I certainly had my problems in writing good technical material and I have realized long ago that the slides for our courses are far from perfect… but it was kind of astonishing to see my vague thoughts get a concrete form of this post.

If you’ll ever need to write something (for your job or not), take a look at it.