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More issues and solutions on the new iMac

I’m close to get fully confortable with the new iMac.

So far, in addition to what I’ve already said, I’ve found out that:

  • Right clicking with the Mighty Mouse is harder than one would suppose. The Mighty Mouse detects if you have a finger over any button (even if you don’t press it). It it detects a finger over the left button, any button press will result in a left-click. So, for right-clicking you need to raise the finger over the left button. Same thing for the side buttons…
  • Skype 2.0 (with video) for the mac is in beta, and it crashed on the first test on my iMac Core2Duo, so I decided to stay with the 1.5 (voice only) version for now.
  • I know that one can talk with Windows Messenger users with iChat, but the process is quite cumbersome. I’m using Adium for chatting with my Messenger contacts. The official Messenger for Mac didn’t seem to offer anything I can’t get with Adium, and Adium is nicer-looking.

I’ve fixed an issue with iPhoto, where it won’t share the library with other applications (like Front Row or Comic Life) if you import phots with tags. In my case, I imported photos tagged with Google Picassa, so I had to erase the tags from every photo. I also had to delete the added keywords from the iPhoto preferences.

In addition to HP software for the scanner, I also needed a QuickTime plugin from Casio to be able to see the videos captured with my Casio Exilim Card.

Right now, I’m trying to find out why, from time to time, the iMac gets disconnected from my (non-mac) wireless network.

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After some time…

The iMac is amazing. For sure. But it has it’s own set of quirks.

Since I received it I have been more playing than actually using it. Even then… I already saw my first applications hanging (the brand-new iTunes, while creating an “Intelligent” play list).

I also had my headaches for sharing the printer (now attached to the iMac) with the older XP laptop. If you ever need to share a printer from a mac (at least using OS X 10.4.x) you need to know two things:

  • Don’t use SMB (Windows) sharing for your printer. It might work, but it’s much, much easier to install Bonjour for windows.
  • If you can’t use Bonjour for whatever reason, you should install the shared printer as a Postscript-compatible printer (most laser printers, like those from Apple).

I found that sharing the printer through SMB makes all operations related to the printer much slower for my old XP laptop.

Another thing that annoys me a bit is the fact that my cheap scanner (from HP) does not integrate with the standard Image Capture tool… I must use the HP-specific software for scanning (but printing works fine out-of-the box).

Now I only have one thing pending… which is to find out if it is at all possible to have two sessions open in the iMac (one in the console and another using a network connection). Something like X-windows in the times when I used to run Linux (I know X is available on OS X, I just haven’t tried it yet).

Leaving these things aside, everything is great so far. I can rip my CDs in seconds, I’m already used to using the keyboard to eject the CDs afterwards, and having just one mouse button is not such a bad thing (yet, the reason why the second button works only on some apps escapes me). For replacing MS Office I have installed NeoOffice. For browsing, Flock.

As for the key bindings… I’m learning.

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Update:As you can see, I posted this using Flock… and it crashed just after publising it (lucky me… it was near…).

The iMac has arrived

It’s amazing, truly… or maybe I’ve been too much time working with my old laptop.

Just for letting you know to what degree I was hooked by this machine… I actually started talking to it (things like “Open iTunes!”… and iTunes came in), and lisening what it had to say (like reading my own blog).

Also, I tried some of the preinstalled applications… I was quite productive… check this:

First night with the iMac

Now if I only had the courage to stop playing and actually install Eclipse (and Tomcat, and…).

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