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I have been deep into configuring a development ecosystem with my client lately, with a boring session of integration tests for another project going in parallel, so I wanted to try something different for a change.

Eclipse 3.5 is about to come out and I have been playing with the RCs for a while. I’m on a Mac, so one of the things I wanted to see the new support for Cocoa (so far works great, but I have not been able to use Java 6 or 64bits). The other one was updating Eclipse IAM to run on the new Eclipse.

These notes can be seen as a total noob’s comments on Scala and Lift.


Everything installed nicely on Eclipse 3.5 (JEE package for Mac OS X Cocoa). I have used the nighty release of IAM.

Creating a Lift project

Step one is creating the project from the lift archetype.

Creating a new lift project with the new maven project wizard

Creating a new lift project with the new maven project wizard

After all dependencies are downloaded I was welcome with some build errors on the test cases, which seem to be caused by Lift’s open dependency on Jetty (there were some refactorings in Jetty 7).

Compile errors after creating the project

Compile errors after creating the project

Setting an upper bound of 7.0.0 for the jetty dependency fixed those.







Clean the project and the errors are gone.

Running the project

Starting with Lift, suggests running the project launching jetty from maven. I wanted to use WTP instead, so I tried to install the Jetty adapter by using the support in WTP for downloadable adaptors. Unfortunately, the installation did not work, so I used the built-in support for Tomcat 5.5 instead.

The LIft webapp is up and running

The LIft webapp is up and running

Playing around

Before getting into the next chapter of Starting with Lift, I played around with the application I had just built.

  • Changes to index.html were shown immediatly
  • Same thing when modifying the default.html template
  • Modifying the HelloWorld class to return a new value causes the context to be reloaded and the changes can be seen live (no redeployment needed)
  • Adding a second method to HelloWorld and using it on the index.html template works as above (as expected)

End of chapter one

There might be some surprises down the road, but the initial impression has been good.

  • IAM has “just worked” and stayed out of the way in a non-java project (there is no special support on IAM for Scala or Lift, although esmi is on the works)
  • WTP performed well. I expect the issues with the installation of the Jetty adapter to go away soon, since Jetty has joined Eclipse.
  • About Lift and Scala… well, I have a lot of things to learn yet.

I am looking forward to keep using these tools together (at least go through the Starting with Lift guide!).


This is just a brief note to publicly welcome our two new committers on Eclipse IAM:

More news soon!

I am probably the last one in posting about eclipse summit, so I will make this brief and painless.

It was a great experience (my first time with the eclipse community). The event was incredibly well organized! Congratulations!

It was not perfect, though. Both IAM and M2E had new&noteworthy talks, but finally M2E was cancelled… I was hoping to meet Jason on that talk, so I was a bit disappointed.

I couldn’t meet with Ed Merks (which is one of the IAM mentors)… he is a busy guy!

Another problem… too many great talks! I was tempted for a moment to skip my IAM New & Noteworthy talk so I could attend the parallel sessions (specially Equinox P2: Provisioning your world by Jeff McAffer).

On the good side, I was able to meet with some of the Eclipse community in Spain, which seems to be focused on modeling. There are the folks from the European Software Institute, which had a poster on the first day and then some more from the MOSKitt team (who are hosting an Eclipse Day next week).

I attended the Buckminster talks (IAM added Buckminster support a while back, with some more waiting on bugzilla) and found it very interesting for several tasks, specially creating target platforms.

Finally. the two main things that I got back from ESE2008 regarding IAM are:

  • People do care about maven integration, but not only as users. Questions about integration of P2 and Maven was raised several times, so it is good to know that we have that on IAM’s project plan.
  • Users still wonder why there are 2 integration plug-ins for maven. Well, I so do I! Let’s see if we can change this in the future.

A great experience! Hope I can repeat soon!

It’s almost the time to start packing for Eclipse Summit Europe.

I’ll be arriving at Ludwigsburg this tuesday evening, so if anyone feels like having a late refreshment, let me know.

On Wednesday I’ll be assisting to some of the talks (still have not decided) and I expect to have some time to talk with other attendees.

Thursday is the day for my IAM New and Noteworthy talk. If you are interested in Maven integration in Eclipse, you should come!

Ismael Teijeiro will also be coming. He has contributed the integration of IAM with Buckminster. This a bridge between the two projects which works in both directions… IAM can use Buckminster and Buckminster can use IAM. It is an extremely interesting work, so you might want to learn more from him.

After the summit, I’ll spend a few days on Stuttgart, so you have one more chance to learn more about IAM 🙂 .

IAM new to eclipse

This is meant to be my introduction to the Eclipse blogging community. It is something that I have delayed too much already, but (finally) I got around to writing it.

My name is Abel Muiño (but just write Muino if you have a non-spanish keyboard),  and I am the project lead for Eclipse IAM, which stands for Integration for Apache Maven.

Eclipse IAM is a technology project focused in integrating maven into the eclipse IDE. It comes with a year-long history as Q4E.

I’m thrilled by joining this community of exceptional developers, and looking forward to meet some of you at Eclipse Summit Europe in a few days (by the way, be sure to attend the “IAM New & Noteworthy” talk… I’ve heard the speaker is extremely handsome).

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