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This is just a brief note to publicly welcome our two new committers on Eclipse IAM:

More news soon!


I am probably the last one in posting about eclipse summit, so I will make this brief and painless.

It was a great experience (my first time with the eclipse community). The event was incredibly well organized! Congratulations!

It was not perfect, though. Both IAM and M2E had new&noteworthy talks, but finally M2E was cancelled… I was hoping to meet Jason on that talk, so I was a bit disappointed.

I couldn’t meet with Ed Merks (which is one of the IAM mentors)… he is a busy guy!

Another problem… too many great talks! I was tempted for a moment to skip my IAM New & Noteworthy talk so I could attend the parallel sessions (specially Equinox P2: Provisioning your world by Jeff McAffer).

On the good side, I was able to meet with some of the Eclipse community in Spain, which seems to be focused on modeling. There are the folks from the European Software Institute, which had a poster on the first day and then some more from the MOSKitt team (who are hosting an Eclipse Day next week).

I attended the Buckminster talks (IAM added Buckminster support a while back, with some more waiting on bugzilla) and found it very interesting for several tasks, specially creating target platforms.

Finally. the two main things that I got back from ESE2008 regarding IAM are:

  • People do care about maven integration, but not only as users. Questions about integration of P2 and Maven was raised several times, so it is good to know that we have that on IAM’s project plan.
  • Users still wonder why there are 2 integration plug-ins for maven. Well, I so do I! Let’s see if we can change this in the future.

A great experience! Hope I can repeat soon!