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Some weeks ago I left my full-time job at a consulting company to go down the road of being an independent contractor in Spain, where I live. I felt that there was a need for companies to hire talent for specific tasks.
But live has its own plans and little after I took that decision and started a blog in spanish, Tetuan Valley Startup School crossed my way:

The course is a 6 week period of training and working on the implementation of an idea. Teams will choose an idea the first day and their goal will be to release a prototype by the end of the program.

These six weeks have been a lot of hard work, facing daunting tasks (with help from the teachers and 7 other teams) such as drafting a credible business plan and clearly explaining the goal of the company in a few seconds.

After all that work Triptance, the 2.0 traveler’s notebook for planning, enjoying and sharing your trips was born.

I can only recommend the whole experience, despite of what you will do after going through it. I am also happy of having met all the people attending the course and their projects. You guys rock!

What will the future bring? By now, I will continue to work as a freelance and working on triptance (and @triptance) at the same time to take it to a point when I can confidently show it around. Then I might be looking for some funding…


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