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Some weeks ago I left my full-time job at a consulting company to go down the road of being an independent contractor in Spain, where I live. I felt that there was a need for companies to hire talent for specific tasks.
But live has its own plans and little after I took that decision and started a blog in spanish, Tetuan Valley Startup School crossed my way:

The course is a 6 week period of training and working on the implementation of an idea. Teams will choose an idea the first day and their goal will be to release a prototype by the end of the program.

These six weeks have been a lot of hard work, facing daunting tasks (with help from the teachers and 7 other teams) such as drafting a credible business plan and clearly explaining the goal of the company in a few seconds.

After all that work Triptance, the 2.0 traveler’s notebook for planning, enjoying and sharing your trips was born.

I can only recommend the whole experience, despite of what you will do after going through it. I am also happy of having met all the people attending the course and their projects. You guys rock!

What will the future bring? By now, I will continue to work as a freelance and working on triptance (and @triptance) at the same time to take it to a point when I can confidently show it around. Then I might be looking for some funding…


I’ll be at the Google Developer Day tomorrow… I would be happy to meet you there, just drop me a note if you’re comming.

I’m a bit dissapointed by the changes in the session agenda because of the launch of Chrome… since it is just another browser based on WebKit (like Safari and, I think, Konkeror) I don’t know what can be so important about it from a developer standpoint. Last time I looked it didn’t support plug-ins.

I must confess that I’m more on the mobile and “geo” side of things lately (I used to do lots of web development in the past), so I’m looking forward to all the sessions on Android and the geo api.

See you there!

I’m on Twitter now

I finally gave up on trying to resist. Curiosity was stronger… so now you can read my tweets at

If you have not yet read it, lets go and check the piece of code causing a deadlock.

In order to not spoling the fun, I’m providing the answer in the full post.

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Deadlock quiz

Suppose you have this class:

public class Singleton implements Runnable {
	public static final String A_STRING = "Hello World".toLowerCase();

	public static final Singleton INSTANCE = new Singleton();

	public static Singleton getInstance() {
		return INSTANCE;

	private Singleton() {

	public void launchThread() {
		synchronized (this) {
			Thread t = new Thread(this);
			while (t.isAlive()) {
				try {
				} catch (InterruptedException e) {
					// Interrupted.

	public void run() {

	public static void main(String[] args) {

If you run the main method, it hangs in a deadlock. Can you see the reason?

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